DD-WRT Privacy

Privacy is something that's mostly non-existant on the Internet. Many services are trying to track your surfing behavior or block access to the sites you want to see. DD-WRT Privacy gives you back your freedom of choice and allows you to surf the Internet with a higher level of privacy.

DD-WRT Privacy is based on AnchorFree's technology and it is absolutely free. The required infrastructure is provided and maintained by AnchoFree Inc. To keep the service free advertisement will be unobtrusively displayed while you are surfing the Internet.


Access services blocked in some regions of the world

  • Hulu and Pandora
  • Chat, Skype and other social media sites at work
  • Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Skype in some countries
  • SSL encrypted E-Mails in hotels or other locations that block encrypted traffic

Protect personal information and identity

Keep hackers from stealing personal information while users are browsing the Internet on public locations like cafes or school.

Browse the Internet privately and anonymously

Prevent websites and search engines from gathering personal information like location, browsing history etc.

Stable, secure and performant operation

  • No bandwidth limit
  • Does not slow down your internet connection
  • Comes with Antivirus tool to protect your computer


Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Download (5.20 MB)

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